Game: 7th Sense

An atmospheric Lovecraft-ish adventure game set in a dark place. You wake up in an abandoned lab and you are missing something rather important... Get the most recent code at the github link below!


Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Made with Löve 2D and love.


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 22:51

Source File(s)

Arne Christian Beer
Manuel Riecke
Marvin Arnold
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Hans Ole Hatzel
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Fabian Stegemann
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Sven-Hendrik Haase
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Paul Bienkowski


The following files and directories are not part of this project and were redistributed under their respective licenses:

* the 7-Zip binary, see [here]( for the license
* src/external/AnAL.lua [GITHUB](
* data/DejaVuSans.ttf [LICENSE](
* data/SwankyandMooMoo.ttf, a google webfont
* lib/linux_x86 (license file included)
* lib/linux_x64 (license file included)
* lib/windows_x86 (license file included)
* lib/windows_x64 (license file included)
* ambient-water-drips [page](
* Bottle_Smashes_Glass_Grind_Finale_FF225.mp3 [page](
* 200_pounds_stepping_on_a_glass_object.mp3 [page](
* 16 button clicks [page](
* JacobsLadderSingle2.flac [page](
* electric_wire_03.wav (
* Bug Zapper2
* Ambient Sound [page](
* Ambient Sounds 006 [page](
* Ambient Sounds 002 [page](
* THA-emptychasms.mp3 [CC-BY-NC-ND](

* Cave Theme [page](
* Dark Factory [page](

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