Game: 4 hearts

See what your actions do to your friends' hearts! This educational game lets teenagers experience the outcomes of the actions they choose to do. The game includes several scenes. In each scene, the you assume the role of a certain character, and can choose one of several actions. Your actions affect the hearts (i.e., the feelings) of the other characters in the scene. You will assume the role of a different character in each scene: one of the characters that were influenced by your actions in the previous scenes; thus you have to cope with the effects of your previous choices. To win the game, choose actions that will make both you and the other characters happy, since you will also play each the other characters! Characters and plot This game is a proof-of-concept, and includes several scenes that exemplify the idea. The scenes feature the following characters: * Popu (orange) - a popular boy, good at sports. * Shy (brown) - a shy and clumsy boy. * Cheer (blonde) - a pretty and popular girl, queen of the class. * NewGirl (purple) - a girl that just joined the class / a new immigrant. The scenes: * A soccer game: The player plays Popu. Popu and Shy play on the same team, while Cheer and NewGirl watch the game. Shy makes many mistakes, and the other member groups laugh at him. Popu has 3 choices: either join the others, laughing at Shy and removing him from the team; ignore the incidentand continue to the second half of the game; or support Shyand condemn those that laugh. * After the game: The player plays Cheer. She meets Shy, and again has the option of laughing at him or supporting him. * On the way home: The player plays NewGirl. Walking home, she finds out that Shy takes the same route. She has the option of speaking with him and becoming his friend, or ignoring him. * Evening, at the pub. The player plays Shy. He and the other characters all drink, and appoint Shy to be their driver back home. However, Shy may be depressed because of the day's events, so he is tempted to drink. He has a choice of how much beer to drink. His choice will affect the lives of all other characters...


Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.


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